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January 13, 2011

server-side calls are better for Ad serving. Downside of AFMA/AdMob.

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Ad networks that offer server-side calls gives us a big advantage. We can simply get a image + link and print on a android WebView.

Due to limitations of the android framework it’s the only way to have non-intrusive ads inside a WebView. Specially when the WebView must be layout_height=”fill_parent”, for a correct scrolling and zoom control.

JavaScript ads are not an option, since the only work around is to inject JavaScript into the WebView which prevents me from working with JavaScript ads that are based on a inline include.

Advantages of the server-side call instead of SDK:
Reduce APK size: I can implement my own WebView to print ads. AdMob SDK takes 140kb, Google AFMA takes 40kb, so 30% of my app is taken from ads sdk’s.
– AFMA SDK is slow: rendering the adsense javascript is slow. I feel my app freezing and coming back after rendering adsense. Admob is much faster.
– The developer have total control to optimize it.

FYI: After the death of Quattro, the best network that is offering server-side calls is Millenial Media.


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