Rafael Sanches

January 30, 2011

HTC sense ui breaks the way the WebView settings behave

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I am “amused” to discover that HTC sense has changed even the way android breaks to access of a WebView from outside the UI thread.

Since I don’t own a phone with HTC sense, it took me months to understand this and I only fixed the issue thanks to a kind user who sent me logs.

For example, calling this outside from a UI thread works on the normal android SDK’s:

Instead, on HTC Sense phones it breaks here:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Can't create handler inside thread that has not called Looper.prepare()
 at android.os.Handler.(Handler.java:121)
 at com.htc.multitouch.MultiTouchDetector$MultiTouchHandler.(MultiTouchDetector.java:180)
 at com.htc.multitouch.MultiTouchDetector.(MultiTouchDetector.java:242)
 at android.webkit.WebView$HTCMultiTouch.fnCreateMultiTouchListener(WebView.java:11781)
 at android.webkit.WebView.enableMultiTouch(WebView.java:10893)
 at android.webkit.WebView.updateMultiTouchSupport(WebView.java:905)
 at android.webkit.WebSettings.setBuiltInZoomControls(WebSettings.java:474)

Now, I know know that anything that changes the UI shouldn’t be executed outside of the UI Thread, but still..

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