Rafael Sanches

September 17, 2009

My first public android app – craigslist notification


This application alert the users when new stuff is posted to craigslist. In this way they can get the best deals as soon as they are registered.

The application is totally free and doesn’t use ads either in current or future versions. There is no form of monetization associated with this application. I am using my new server that i am renting from hetzner.
The application does not require registration and does not store information about its usage on the server.


  • Enable the user to create notifications for certain keywords;
  • Allow to have all filtering that craigslist.org has;
  • Has all cities that craigslist.org has;
  • Preferences menu for configuring the location and network options;
  • Mark posts as favorite to read at a later time;
  • The relevant posts are downloaded on the phone, so they can be read later without network;
  • Faster navigation, since relevant posts are downloaded in batch;

Technical details

  • It periodically checks for new posts;
  • In each check it download *only* the updated data, which should be
    small after the initial download;
  • If no update is available it does not download anything at all. This proves to use less bandwidth than a normal navigation app, since:
    • Only relevant data is downloaded;
    • It never download duplicated data two times;
    • It’s not like RSS feeds that it’s the phone downloading and pooling the feeds every time.
      The phone only donwload the updated data one and do it just one time.

Bandwidth usage

  • For example, a download of 100 new posts takes 50kb of
    internet bandwidth.
  • The daily bandwidth will depend on the number of
    notifications that you are monitoring and the number of times that
    your notifications get updated.
  • To reduce bandwidth, try to be specific in your notifications.
  • For example: try to use “honda civic” instead of “car”


  • Main screen – notification list

    Main screen. This is where your notifications are listed:

  • Posts listing

    When you click on one notification, you go to the post listing.

    Notice that you can edit the previously configured notification by clicking on this menu item.

  • Post detail

    Once you click on one post you will see this screen which displays the post details.

    You are not required to be connected to the network to see the already downloaded posts.

    Notice that you can mark posts as favorite to read them later. The favorite page is accessed from the main menu.

  • Notification

    When there are new posts the app displays a notification on your phone. This can be disabled in the preferences.


  1. Rafael, how are you doing. You assisted me in some info anbout your CL notification app a while back. This might sound stupid but can it be downloqaded to my laptop w/windows 7 or is only a phone app? I am having trouble adding to my pc. Can u assist? Email me or call 713-522-6200. Thanks in advance, Phil Collum

    Comment by Phil — June 5, 2011 @ 6:07 am

    • hi phil,

      unfortunately it’s only for android. i’m trying to find ways to make it available on windows too.


      Comment by mufumbo — June 5, 2011 @ 9:15 am

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